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BMW R1200GS LC комплект Nomada PRO II с вырезом

800,00 € с НДС

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HOLAN's / NOMADA's prod.

The great advantage of this system is the cut for the exhaust.

This system is more than 10 cm narrowed than the system without the cut.

You can choose the set with 2x31, 2x 38L or 2x 45L Nomada PRO cases

2 pannier rack options:

-powder coated in black
-in stainless steel

Set contains:

-right case Nomada PRO 31, 38L or 45L with cut
-left case Nomada PRO 31, 38L or 45L 
-pannier rack
-mounting kit for 2 cases

width of the set:

2 x 31L -  only 82cm (World record ;)

2 x 38L - only 90cm (on photos with gray panniers)

2 x 45L - 98cm (it’s 1cm less than handlebar with the handbars in the widest place) - on photos with black panniers

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